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Arrowhead Pump & Supply

Pumps for Industry:
Municipal - Industrial - Mining - Power

About Us


Arrowhead Pump & Supply pays homage to the American

Southwest by adopting the same characteristics that helped

shape this part of the world: Hard Work, Rugged Determination

& Teamwork. Individually we each have years of experience in

the pump industry & within  the various markets. Together we

form a strong team to help identify and provide the best

equipment to handle your requirements.


Arrowhead Pump & Supply

is available to Troubleshoot existing equipment and Review System Layouts to Size and Select the right pumping equipment for your application.


Arrowhead Pump & Supply provides equipment to the following industries:

  - Municipal

  - Industrial

  - Mining

  - Power

  - Semiconductor

  - Food & Beverage


Arrowhead Pump & Supply

is proud to represent and distribute products from

a select group of quality manufacturers . We can

provide the quality equipment you need for your particular application. 

Arrowhead Pump & Supply provides equipment for the Municipal,

Power, Mining and Industrial markets in Arizona. Products include:


Chopper Pumps                                       Slurry Pumps

Thermoplastic Pumps                              Vertical Turbine Pumps

Mechanical Seals                                      Self-Priming Pumps

Mag-Drive Pumps                                   Submersible Pumps & Mixers

Pressure Boster Systems                        Packaged WW Pump Systems

Plasma Oxidation                                    Wastewater & Filtration Equipment

Shaftless Spiral Conveyors                     Rotary Fan Press

Bioreactors                                                Centrifuge Rental-Service-Repair

Blowers (PD, Turbo, Regen)                  Odor Control Systems

Motors & Drives                                       Pump Controllers

Decanter Centrifuge                               Bar Screens, Drum Screens

Gravity Belt Thickener                            Belt Filter Press

The American Southwest

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