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Pumps for Industry

Water & Wastewater


Equipment for Water & Wastewater: Centrifugal, VTP, Split Case, Chopper, Centrifugal Screw, Submersible, Rotary Lobe, Gear, Packaged Booster Skid, Mixers, Blowers, Difusers, Rotary Press, Water Disinfection, etc. 

Industrial Plant


Pumps for Chemicals, Paint/Ink/Dye, Process Water, Industrial Wastewater, Plating, Lubricants, Slurries,

Liquid Asphalt, Sumps, Food & Beverage, etc. 



Equipment to include: Slurry Pumps, Centrifugal, VTP,

Split Case, Self-Priming, Submersible, Air Operated Double Diaphragm, Trailer Mounted or Skid Mounted Diesel Driven Self-Priming Pump Packages, Submersible Well Type Pumps, Vertical Multi-Stage, Packaged Booster Pump Skids, etc.

Power Plant


Pumping equipment includes: VTP, Centrifugal, Vertical 

Multi-Stage, Slurry, Split Case, Self-Priming, Packaged 

Booster Pump Skids, Gear, Peristaltic/Hose, Rotary Lobe, 

Vertical Sump, etc. 

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