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Quality Products from Market Leading Manufacturers

Vaughan Chopper Pumps: End Suction, Submersible, Vertical, Self-Priming; Pedestal, Dry-Well; Rotamix Systems; Triton Screw Pump. Pumps for Clarifier Scum, Digester Scum, Digester Mixing, Digester Recirculation, Lift Stations, Sludge Transfer, Food Processing, Institution & Correction Facility Pumping Stations. 

Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps for Abrasive or Abrasive-Corrosive Service. Hard Metal or Rubber Lined Configurations. Mineral Processing, Mill Grinding, Chemical Slurry Service, Tailings, In-Plant processes, Sand & Gravel, etc.

Thermoplastic Chemically Resistant Pumps. Available in Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC & PVDF Construction. Vertical, End Suction, Close Coupled & Mag-Drive Centrifugal  and Rotary Peristaltic designs. 

Mechanical seals in various designs and materials for your various applications: Split, Slurry, Double, Metal Bellows, Non-Contacting,Elastomer Bellows,

O-Ring Pusher, Packing, Seal Support Systems, etc. 

Vertical Turbine Pumps open or closed channel, mixed-flow, and propeller designs with a range of sizes from 6” – 80” [150mm – 2,000mm], flows up to 270,000 USgpm [17,000 l/s], and heads up to 380’ [116 m] per stage, there’s likely a pump to fit your needs.

Heavy-duty, state of the art, sealless, magnetic drive, stainless steel and alloy centrifugal and regenerative turbine pumps, Magnatex/Texel® fluoropolymer-lined, sealless, centrifugal pumps and Magnatex 3596 ANSI Mechanical Seal pumps

Floway® VTSP (Vertical Turbine Solids Pump) is a vertical close coupled, single and multistage turbine pump, with a cast or fabricated discharge head, top mounted motor and closed suction or wet pit design solids handling pump. This solids pump includes hardened materials and a patented bearing design resulting in an increased wear-life up to four times that of a standard vertical turbine solid pump.. Handling solids up to 10% by weight, 

The operating characteristics of the Roto-Jet® pump are simple and similar to a conventional centrifugal pump. Energy is added to the fluid via the rotor, and the stationary pitot tube converts the fluid velocity energy into static pressure.

 The WSP™ self-primer pump is

a rugged and dependable self-priming, solids handling trash pump. The WSP™ self-primer pump design allows for a shim-

less, tool-less impeller adjustment and ease of suction flap valve replacement.

Packaged WW Pump Stations

& Solvent Extraction Filters. 

Smith & Loveless is a pioneer in the water and wastewater pumping industry.  Since the 1940s, S&L has delivered cost-effective, operator safe and efficient pump stations to municipalities and industry on all seven continents.

Submersible Pumps & Mixers,

Vertical Multi-Stage. Wilo FA

Series Pumps up to 24", for:

- Sewage Collection

- Storm Water

- Raw Water

- Sewage Treatment

- Dewatering

- Industry



Persitaltic/Hose Pumps for 

Water Treatment, Mining, 

Chemicals, Food & Beverage,

Paints/Pigments/Dyes, Ceramics

Maximum resistance to abrasion.

Unmatched suction capability.

Indefinite dry running, No valves

or mechanical seals, Gentle and reversible pumping, Full dosing control, Industrial, corrosion resistant and food versions.

Dosing accuracy of ±1%.

Polymer Blending Systems

(Liquid & Dry Systems)

Specializing in polymer feed solutions since 1993, Excell has advanced the technology behind polymer activation to provide unrivaled performance.

Pressure Booster Systems

- UL/C-UL Listed "QCZJ" Packaged Municipal Pump Systems

- ETL/C-ETL, NSF/ANSI/CAN-61 Listed Pump Systems for Domestic Drinking Water.

- UL/C-UL508 Industrial Control Panels.

-Full SCADA Operation.

Submersible Dewatering

and Slurry Pumps. Mody Pumps has been actively involved in the Dewatering Market for close to half a century. 

Mody carries a complete line of heavy duty slurry pumps with high abrasion resistance Chrome Iron wet ends and agitators to effectively handle the heaviest of slurries up to 70% solids by weight.

SPIRAC shaftless spiral conveyors are designed for the transport of otherwise difficult-to-handle materials, such as municipal dewatered sludge, wastewater screenings, grit, industrial sludges and other sticky, viscous, stringy materials. 

  • SPIROLINE® horizontal and inclined conveying via U-trough. SPIROLINE®  can be used for inclines up to 30 degrees.

  • SPIROLIFT® vertical and inclined conveying via OK-trough. SPIROLIFT®  can be used for inclines above 30 degrees.

BioGill® brings together the power of science and nature, to provide effective onsite treatment of wastewater to meet local regulations and reduce wastewater disposal costs. They manufacture above ground, attached growth bioreactors that deliver affordable wastewater treatment, that are easy to install, operate and maintain.

By combining simple yet smart technology and natural biological processes, BioGill® technology is highly effective at reducing organic loads and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) in wastewater.

Motors & Drives

Multi-Stage Centrifugal Booster

Pumps, Tonkaflo Drop-in Replacements.

Industrial Centrifuge Specialists

Centrifuge Rentals-Service-Repairs

Cloacina is a manufacturer and purveyor of stainless steel package wastewater treatment plants and equipment. 

Cloacina package wastewater treatment plants come pre-engineered for the client’s specific waste stream, discharge permit and project phasing.

The stainless steel MEMPAC-M, designed specifically to treat municipal waste to re-use standards, provides a higher level of monitoring than traditional plants of the same size.


United Blower's team of talented engineers deliver first class water and waste-water treatment solutions for the municipal and industrial markets.

Products include:

- Positive Displacement Blowers

- Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers

- Truscrew Blowers

- Regenerative Blowers

- Sound Enclosures.

Valves: Ball, Check, 

Butterfly, Plug

VTP Oilers: DripMaster,

DripDoser & DripGard.

Centrifugal: Horizontal, Vertical,


Roxia Plasma Oxidizer (RPO) is unique industrial water treatment technology as it uses non-thermal plasma in direct contact with water to destroy dissolved organic pollutants. Purified water can now be a result of completely chemical-free process. RPO is considered to be the paradigm shift in oxidative water treatment and industrial water purification.

Roxia Floating Aerator™ is a turbine surface aerator for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. It brings together high efficiency, low initial investment and low energy consumption. 

Odor Control Systems.

Eliminate odor and corrosion caused by Hydrogen Sulfide H2S with Peacemaker® Converting Media, Dry Air Scrubbers and Manhole and Vent Scrubbers. Industries served include municipalities, industrial facilities, wastewater treatment plants, wet wells, pump stations and others.

J-Press, Vortisand &

VAF Screen Filters

Submersible Pumps: Sump,

Utility, Effluent, Solids Handling,


High Speed Turbo Blowers

Compact & Energy Efficient

The Pioneer of Fine Bubble Aeration. Products include:

- Disc Aeration

- Strip Aeration

- Tube Aeration

- Fixed Grid & Retrievable Systems

Air Pollution Control Soultions for Sulfur, Hydrocarbons & Ammonia

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

- Bar Screens & Drum Screens

- Belt Filter Press

- Gravity Belt Thickener

- Decanter Centrifuge

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