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Quality Products from Market Leading Manufacturers

Vaughan Chopper Pumps: End Suction, Submersible, Vertical, Self-Priming; Pedestal, Dry-Well; Rotamix Systems; Triton Screw Pump. Pumps for Clarifier Scum, Digester Scum, Digester Mixing, Digester Recirculation, Lift Stations, Sludge Transfer, Food Processing, Institution & Correction Facility Pumping Stations. 

Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps for Abrasive or Abrasive-Corrosive Service. Hard Metal or Rubber Lined Configurations. Mineral Processing, Mill Grinding, Chemical Slurry Service, Tailings, In-Plant processes, Sand & Gravel, etc.

Thermoplastic Chemically Resistant Pumps. Available in Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC & PVDF Construction. Vertical, End Suction, Close Coupled & Mag-Drive Centrifugal  and Rotary Peristaltic designs. 

Equipment for Aerobic WWT, Anerobic WWT, Clarifiers & Separators, Filtration Systems (Vortisand & VAF Screen Filters), High Purity Water Systems, Rotary Fan Press, J-Press, etc.

Pressure Booster Systems for Municipal, Industrial, Fire Pump Systems, HVAC, Central Plant Packaged Systems; NSF/ ANSI/CAN-61/372 Listed for Domestic Drinking Water.

Mechanical seals in various designs and materials for your various applications: Split, Slurry, Double, Metal Bellows, Non-Contacting,Elastomer Bellows,

O-Ring Pusher, Packing, Seal Support Systems, etc. 

Floway Vertical Turbine Pumps utilized worldwide for their capabilities, durability and reliability. Flows to 45,000 GPM with pressures to 2,500 PSI.

Cloacina is a manufacturer and purveyor of package wastewater treatment plants, treatment solutions and equipment.

Vertical Turbine Pumps open or closed channel, mixed-flow, and propeller designs with a range of sizes from 6” – 80” [150mm – 2,000mm], flows up to 270,000 USgpm [17,000 l/s], and heads up to 380’ [116 m] per stage, there’s likely a pump to fit your needs.

Positive Displacement, Turbo, Regenerative Blowers; Sliding Vane Compressors. 

Primex offers a variety of float-based and transducer-based pump controllers to suit most municipal and industrial wastewater control applications.

High Performance & High Efficiency Motors & Drives.

Screening, Separating, Washers,

Grit Handling, Conveyors, etc.

End Suction, Split Case, 

Vertical Inline pumps

Submersible Pumps & Mixers,

Vertical Multi-Stage

Rotojet High Pressure 

Pitot Tube Pumps. 

Bioreactors-highly effective at reducing organic loads and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) in wastewater.

Val-Matic Valves: Ball, Check, 

Butterfly, Plug, Air-Release. 

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